7 Tips for driving safely through heavy rain storms

June 15th, 2015 by

heavy rain storms

It’s finally summer in Indiana, which means warmer weather and sunshine. With the good also comes the not so good — rain and thunder storms. Drivers should be prepared and understand some best practices to drive safely through stormy weather. In addition to a safe vehicle and attentive driving, here’s how you can drive safely through heavy rain storms near Warsaw, IN.

How to drive safely through rain storms in Warsaw IN

  1. heavy rain stormsFirst and foremost, when the skies get darker and the rain starts falling, make sure your head lights and wipers are turned on to improve visibility.
  2. Slow down to watch for other drivers and potential road blocks, such as tree branches, downed power lines, or standing water.
  3. Be careful when you come upon standing water. If at all possible, find another route. If it’s not possible and the standing water is about six inches deep or less, drive slowly and steadily through.
  4. Brake earlier and softer than in normal weather conditions. The road might be slippery and braking hard might cause your vehicle to hydroplane.
  5. If your windshield starts to fog up, turn on your air conditioner defroster to clear your windshield quickly.
  6. When possible, drive in the middle lane to avoid large water puddles at the edges.
  7. Try to stay off the roads during heavy rain and thunder storms. If you can, postpone your commute or trip until the rain subsides.

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