Frequently Asked Questions About NissanConnect

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Frequently Asked Questions About NissanConnect

The latest iteration of NissanConnect is the best way for people to keep their lives organized and together while behind the wheel of a car. But with that being said, there are still a number of questions to be answered when it comes to the system, so let’s take a look at the frequently asked questions about NissanConnect.

What Smartphone Operating System can Sync with NissanConnect?

The current iteration of the NissanConnect system is only able to connect with both Apple and Android devices. Both Bluetooth and USB connectivity is available for the aforementioned platforms.

Does NissanConnect with Mobile Apps use Cellular Data?

Yes, if you are connecting your smartphone or digital device to the NissanConnect with Mobile Apps, the data usage will be standard as per your cellular provider. For further information please contact your cellular provider.

Will the Vehicle Charge Devices While Physically Connected?

Yes, as with plugging into any other hub such as a computer, the device will be able to receive a charge and restore the battery life.

Do Location-Based Apps work without the Navigation on the NissanConnect with Mobile Apps?

No, you will need to have the navigation system equipped in order to take advantage of the location-sensitive information available on your applications.

Is Personal Information Safe While Using NissanConnect?

Yes, the NissanConnect system does not access, view, or distribute any personal information such as address books, personal photos, etc.

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