How does Nissan help reduce drowsy driving with the Driver Attention Alert system?

July 21st, 2015 by

Driver Attention Alert system

Nissan continues to bring the latest technologies to the table and provide drivers with exclusive innovations. Most recently, Nissan has introduced its Driver Attention Alert system to help reduce drowsy driving. You might be asking yourself, how does that work? We’ll be getting to that. But first, here are the facts.

Driver Attention Alert systemIn 2014, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a research study and found 94.9% of drivers deem it unacceptable for individuals to drive when they are so tired they can barely keep their eyes open. Yet 28% of drivers, about one in four, admitted to driving when they had a hard time keeping their eyes open–20% said they had done this more than once.

Driving while tired can be extremely dangerous to you, your passengers, and people in other vehicle on the road. Drowsy driving is clearly an important issue that carmakers must consider when developing new vehicle technologies. Nissan took this information into account, did research of their own, and came up with the cutting-edge Driver Attention Alert system.

How does Nissan Driver Attention Alert system work?

Utilizing steering angle sensors, the Driver Attention Alert system (DAA) keeps track of your steering patterns and continuously compares your current steering tendencies to your baseline pattern. If DAA senses steering behavior that matches that of drowsy or inattentive driving, it will alert you in two ways:

  1. A chime sound
  2. A coffee cup with the message “Take a break?” displayed at the instrument panel

DAA is advanced enough to sense if your abnormal steering patterns are attributed to changing lanes or bad road conditions, and it will generally refrain from alerting you in those situations. The system resets when the engine turns off, and drivers can opt to turn DAA off completely.

For more information about Driver Attention Alert system, drivers in Warsaw, IN and the surrounding area can contact us at Sorg Nissan. DAA is currently available in the 2015 Nissan Murano and 2016 Nissan Maxima Platinum, so you can schedule a test drive to get behind one of these vehicles and experience the innovative system firsthand.

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